Bouldering Beats

This was a submission for the Rhythm Jam

How to Play?

Use 'WASD' or Arrow keys to the beat and avoid obstacles, birds and boulders. 

How do you win?

Try to reach the top of the mountain and collect as many coins as possible. Be careful though, every coin increases the difficulty. You can choose to race to the top for the fastest speed or collect as many coins for the highest score.

Assets Used

Most assets in game were developed by me... The big shrimpo.

Music and sound effects used were purchased in previous bundles over the years.

The only asset used from a previous project is the spinning coin.

There are two background art pieces that I use for the paralax effect provided by OArielG on the Unity store found here


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Don't make huge webgl build games the games load for eternity without a loading bar

Thanks for the heads up! Didn't think it would be that chunky, but I should have done download builds with it as well. Will do in the future. Cheers!

Thanks for this comment. I was starting to think that it didn't work haha!

My team had a game that was like easily 130 mb over webgl luckily we caught it early enough that we could decrease the size , if u want which game , its Spourted from my profile , it used like 4k textures lel